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Elephant Egg Black


This unique handcrafted ceramic piece is designed entirely by Giorgio Casu and 100% Handmade in Sardinia, Italy.
Hand crafted and painted ceramic.

  • Height 20 cm
  • Diameter 14.5 cm
  • Weight 850 gr

The egg itself is a symbol of life.
Back in ancient times, the egg was a symbol of the universe, of creation, and in some cultures, luck, wealth, and health.
In Jewish tradition it symbolized promise. In Christian tradition, it is a metaphor for resurrection, immortality, and the trinity. In Hinduism, the egg Symbolized the source of life and the entire creation.
The Elephant eggs are for the artist the metaphor for impossible achievement and strength of will in the creation of something unheard and unique.
Produced by Cerasarda they are hand engraved and hand-painted by expert artisans.
The Elephant Eggs represent the long tradition of the high quality ceramic craftsmanship and products of Costa Smeralda in Gallura Sardinia.

“I like to think that the creation of something that doesn’t exist in nature is a driving force toward the magic and the fantastic.
Everything can exist if you believe it can, including an elephant eggs”.